Friday, June 16, 2017

Message (Part 2/3)

Thursday 3:15 PM

Don’t forget about Davey’s
soccer practice today! 4 pm at West
Bay Park. He needs to wear blue.
You’re still ok driving him and Tanner?

Thursday 3:22 PM

Becky, did you get my text about Davey’s
practice? Can you do that for me?


Sorry, I just didn’t know if you saw it since
you didn’t respond. :) Thanks, sweetheart.
And remember if you start feeling manic or
depressive, just call me ok? I know you
don’t want me to have to come home early
again, but I will. You’re more important to
me than any of this.

mom, i’ve been stable for 3 months. we
talked about this. i’m 17, i can handle it.

I know, Becks. I’m just so far away from
you guys. If anything happened, I don’t
know what I would do.

we’ll be fine

I know. :) Just please call if you need
anything, alright?


Thursday 6:49 PM

Hey did you figure out 16 on the worksheet?

no! is it cosine or secant?

idk. We’ll just have to ask Durham
tomorrow before class.

I saw you and Jace going at it today during
lunch. 

haha yeah ;)

You guys are adorable!! So have you told
your mom yet?

nah she would FREAK. she thinks I
can’t handle life anyways.

Haha yeah

Thursday 9:53 PM

How did today go? Did you get everything
done? How about you and Dave’s homework?
yeah, it’s all good.

Even your Precalculus? Didn’t you say you had
a test tomorrow?

yeah. we’re fine mom.

I know. :) Will you remind Davey not to take
his skateboard to school? I don’t want him to
get hurt on those crazy ramps he loves,
especially not while I’m gone.

yeah, i’ll tell him.

Alright. Well goodnight sweetheart. I love
you very much. :)


Thursday 10:35 PM

hey I’m here
Thursday 11:27 PM

becky, where are you?


what’s wrong dave?

mom said you’re not supposed to leave
me alone.

are you hurt or something?

mom said you can only leave me alone
for school and work. she said if you’re
not doing what you said you would,
I should call her.

dave just go back to bed. do you really
want mom to have to come home early
again just because her 11 year old was
afraid of the dark?


Mom  Missed call
Thursday 11:50 PM

Thursday 11:51 PM

Becky, where are you? Dave says you’re not
home. What’s going on sweetheart? Are
you alright? Is something wrong?

You took your medication right?

i’m fine. i’m heading home now.

What’s going on? I thought you said you would
call if anything went wrong!

mom, seriously, everything’s fine. i’m not
manic. i’m home now. i’ll talk to you tomorrow

Ok. What time will you call me tomorrow?

Friday 12:21 AM

i can still taste you, you were so sweet
tonight. ;) let’s cut 3rd period tomorrow,
pick up where we left off when your mom

called. ;)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Message: a serial short story in text messages (Part 1/3)

Some of you know I dabble in creative writing. I wrote this short story about a 17-year-old girl with bipolar disorder taking care of her little brother while her single mom is gone for the weekend. It's told entirely through text messages. I'll be posting it in three installments.


Thursday 9:21 AM

Hey sweetheart! How are you doing?
Did Davey get off to school ok? Did
you remember to take your

good. dave got to school on time. yeah.

Was that a yeah to you taking your

yeah i took them. have fun in dallas.

Thanks sweetie. ;) It’s been great so far.
Several people have told
me they’re really looking forward to
my presentation on Saturday. :)


I love you! :)

Thursday 11:13 AM

Hey where were you this morning? I
didn’t see you in the commons.

yeah, i was late. i had to drop off davey
at school

Oh that’s right! Your mom’s gone
starting today yeah?

yeah, and she won’t stop texting me!

UGH  Moms are the QUEENS of freaking

haha yeah no kidding

So are you gonna sit with us at lunch


Maybe-definitely or maybe-not because
you’ll be kissing Jace’s face? 
the 2nd one ;)


shut up!!

 fine. I’ll see you later.


Thursday 2:33 PM

hey babe, you wanna go to a movie tonight?
i srsly had the worst day.

can’t. i told you, my mom’s gone
and i have to bbsit dave.

you have to stay with him? isn’t
he 13 or something?

he’s 11

whatever. well, you put him to bed
and we can catch a late showing.

i can’t

is this like a bipolar thing or something?
you seemed fine at lunch.

eff off

sorry babe, it’s just hard with you,
you know. like, i never know what to

you think it’s not hard for me? i
live with this batshiz brain.

hey, don’t say that, i didn’t mean it. this
last month with you has been incredible.
and all I want to do tonight is to go to a
movie with my super sexy girlfriend because
i had the world’s crappiest day.

what time?

:) i’ll pick you up around 10:30.
i love you baby. <3

<3 you

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

If I Had a Wedding Reception We Would Throw Tomatoes

Disclaimer: This is not a specific critique of any wedding reception I have attended or will attend. I love you all, and I have loved getting to take part in your special day(s).

Beginning with being kitchen help as a 12-year-old Beehive, I have attended approximately one bajillion wedding receptions. That's what Provo is famous for right? Marriages coming out the whazoo.

Attending so many wedding receptions--indoor and outdoor, cheap and expensive, fun and not-so-fun--well, it wears on you. Even receptions for your dearest friends are still a parade of repeating tropes: sign the guest book, eat the food, dance the dance, cut the cake, and (always, always) do the send-off with sparklers or bubbles. Literally, I am convinced that someone is rich off a company that only sells tiny bottles of bubbles to Mormon wedding receptions. They are probably married to the person who sells Mormon wall stickers. Anyways...

If I had a wedding reception, it would be as follows:

Guest book- No need to write your congratulations in a book filled with our faces or pose for a polaroid! Just throw a dart at a sheet covered in paint-filled water balloons. Your contribution is one more color dripping down our home's first piece of art.

Line- Forget it. My husband and I will be sitting rolling office chairs. If you want to talk to us, just hold up a picture of one (or both) of our faces, conveniently located at every table! Think of it like the BYU Physics help lab- we'll come to you.

Food- Soooooo much of it and soooooo tasty. Like I don't even know-soup and pasta and fruit and ice cream and maybe mini calzones in honor of Ben Wyatt. Nobody goes away hungry or disappointed.

Daddy-daughter dance- This is the one convention of wedding receptions that I actually love and makes me cry. My dad and I would dance to the song that always reminds me of him: "If I Had a Million Dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies.

First dance- Doing the robot to "The Final Countdown" DUH. I also want to steal the Latino tradition of having to pin money to the bride and groom so you can dance with them. If that's not too culturally insensitive.

Bouquet toss- Instead of tossing my real bouquet, or having a fake one to toss so I don't ruin my real one, I would just throw a Nerd Rope. Because that way it's actually super tasty, and it wouldn't be as embarrassing/bizarre when girls fight over it.

Garter- Literally my least favorite wedding tradition. But, it could be fun if my husband and I both had garters on our arms and we have to take them off each other with our the same time.

Games- Did I mention there will also be carnival games going on all around the reception? Bobbing for apples, donuts on a string, face painting, donkey rides for little kids provided by my brother and cousins. Maybe even a fire-breathing dude. None one will be bored at my reception unless they choose to be!

Cake- Before cutting the cake, we will be taking bets on a large blackboard about whether or not we'll shove it in each other's faces. We will of course. Hard.

Send-off- Before leaving for the car, my husband and I will don trash bags, and then run to the car while people try to hit us with overripe tomatoes.