Monday, July 3, 2017

Message (Part 3/3)

Friday 9:03 AM
Good morning sweetie! :) The sun is shining
here in Dallas! Give me a call when you’ve got a
sec ok?

Friday 9:44 AM

I parked over by the tennis courts. I’ll meet you
out there in a few.

Friday 9:46 AM

Girl, where are you? Durham is passing out the
tests rn!!

Mom  Missed call
Friday 9:47 AM

Friday 9:48 AM

Becky, I just got a call from Davey’s school. They
said he was riding his skateboard at recess and
broke his arm. Please call me back!

Friday 10:00 AM

Dave’s at the hospital downtown. Can you go
down there? I can excuse the absence. I
need you to answer me sweetheart. I need
to know if you’re ok.

Friday 10:02 AM

Hey where are you? They sent a note to
precalc saying you needed to go to the office.

Mom  Missed call
Friday 10:13 AM

Mom  Missed call
Friday 10:26 AM

Mom  Missed call
Friday 10:31 AM

Friday 10:31 AM

Jace says he doesn’t know where you
are and he was super weird about it. What’s
up gfriend? Call me!!

Friday 10:33 AM

Rebecca Clearwater, if you don’t respond to me
I am missing my talk tomorrow and taking the next
plane home, you hear me? You promised to call
me if something went wrong, that was the deal.

Friday 10:39 AM

Becky, please. I know it’s hard for you to help
when you’ve got your own stuff going on,
but Davey needs you. Please get back to me.

WHERE ARE YOU?????????????????????

I’m going to change my flight. I hope you’re

hey, i’m at the hospital with dave. he’s
fine. it wasn’t too bad of a break.

Becky!!! Oh my goodness! Are you alright?!
Why didn’t you respond to my texts and calls?

sorry my phone was off. i was in the
operating room with dave.

You were?!

yeah. i came here right after i got your text.
i’m sorry i didn’t respond, it’s been a little crazy.

Oh honey I was worried sick! I called the
school and Mrs. Yankowitz checked the
house. Next time you need to let me know
where you are sweetheart.

i don’t think you should change your flight.
you need to give at least one of these talks.
;) we’ll be fine for another day.

Thanks sweetheart, but we need to talk this
over. I’ll call you once I get out of this panel

ok. but mom, we can handle it. trust me.

What about sneaking out last night? How
can I trust you when you left Dave alone
and you won’t tell me why? Becky, just with
your bipolar and everything, I think I made
the wrong decision leaving you two alone.

not everything i do is because of my

I know sweetie, I’m sorry. But I think
it would be better if I just didn’t go to
any more conferences like this. It’s not
worth the stress for me or you.

i was with my boyfriend.

YOUR WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!????
You have a boyfriend? How long have
you had a boyfriend? Why didn’t you tell

he’s just a guy i met at school. please
don’t come home mom, i told him
i won’t go out again until you get back.

We’ll see if there’s any going out when
I get back! You think I’ll trust you now that I
know you had a secret boyfriend?! How do
I know you won’t sneak off with him again?

i came here to be with davey, didn’t
i? the only way you’ll trust me is if
you try it and it works out.

I don’t know honey. I’m not sure it’s worth it.

it’s 1 day mom. davey’s already in the
hospital, so i can’t mess him up worse.

Yeah. Ok, my session’s almost
over. I’ll call you and we’ll work it out, ok?

Friday 5:17 PM

You done babying your brother yet or
is he still too hurt for you to apologize
for ditching me?

Friday 7:48 PM

Whatever bitch

Friday 8:05 PM

Hey how is Dave doing now? Sorry I
freaked I was just worried for you.

he’s good. it’s cool, you
should’ve seen my mom’s texts ;)

Haha so what happened with Jace?

oh haha I’ll tell you tomorrow during lunch

You’re having lunch with me? 
Ok, see you then!!

yep :)

Friday 10:47 PM

How did the rest of the day go?

fine. dave and i have been drawing on his
cast. there won’t be room for you to sign
it. ;)

:) I’m glad you two are having fun

you should go to bed, you’ll need to have
your A game for that presentation

Just about to turn in. Give Davey my love.

ok :)

I love you, sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow.

i love you too

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