Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Doing something about it

Ahoy! I have made a decision. In order to decide whether or not a want to be a writer, I have decided to write everyday for the next 30 days. Some of it will likely end up on here, some of it won't. But I will keep you updated!

Here is an excerpt from day 1. It's a story I was writing before, about a girl that is trying (and failing) to write a love scene when, naturally who should appear but her childhood friend she secretly loves!!! Egads! (Remember! If you are morally opposed to scrolls bars, as I am, you are under no obligation to read it!)

Tess felt the urge to jump up and hug his skinny body, but she and Kit had never been huggers really. Her computer weighed on her lap.
“I’m doing well. And,” he stood straighter, smoothing his polo shirt, “it’s Jeffery.”
“What’s Jeffery?”
“I’m Jeffery.”
“No, you’re not.” Tess wanted laugh, but he looked so serious. She grinned instead.
“Christopher Jeffery. I started going by my middle name in college.”
“Oh.” Of course. At Haar-vaard. Tess looked at Kit/Jeffery. She didn’t like the new name. It didn’t suit him at all. He was her Kit, the one who let her french braid his hair during lunch, who always complained when she punched him in the arm. Her Kit who hadn’t so much as texted her in nine months. Tess felt awkward, the space of those nine months expanding between them. “Speaking of, how is, you know, that?”
“How is what?”
“College of course.”
“Oh, right. Well you know, it’s, um...well, it’s great.” Kit adjusted his glasses in a gesture that was so unmistakably him, the time that separated them seemed to contract, and Tess had the urge to kiss him. Wait, what?
Kit was looking at her, expectant, although still aloof. “Huh?” Tess said.
“I said, how is college for you?”
“Um, it’s good.” Ha, as though you care about my 100 level bio class at the community college. You’re just happy you got out of this town.
“That’s good.” Kit looked towards the street and adjusted his glasses again. Tess realized how weird it was to have a conversation with a standing person when you’re sitting in a hammock. Top Ten Reasons Why Tess Brogdan is Awkward.
He broke the silence. “How’s Dennis?”
“Dennis...well, uh, he’s good. I think. I’m not really sure. We, uh, broke up.” Tess’ eyes wandered across her screen and the blinking cursor, around the tree and back to Kit’s face.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” Kit’s voice was somber.
“I’m not.” The words ran for their lives away from Tess’ mouth.
Kit looked at her. Then he laughed.

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  1. Love this! Keep writing and then let me read it! :)