Friday, June 16, 2017

Message (Part 2/3)

Thursday 3:15 PM

Don’t forget about Davey’s
soccer practice today! 4 pm at West
Bay Park. He needs to wear blue.
You’re still ok driving him and Tanner?

Thursday 3:22 PM

Becky, did you get my text about Davey’s
practice? Can you do that for me?


Sorry, I just didn’t know if you saw it since
you didn’t respond. :) Thanks, sweetheart.
And remember if you start feeling manic or
depressive, just call me ok? I know you
don’t want me to have to come home early
again, but I will. You’re more important to
me than any of this.

mom, i’ve been stable for 3 months. we
talked about this. i’m 17, i can handle it.

I know, Becks. I’m just so far away from
you guys. If anything happened, I don’t
know what I would do.

we’ll be fine

I know. :) Just please call if you need
anything, alright?


Thursday 6:49 PM

Hey did you figure out 16 on the worksheet?

no! is it cosine or secant?

idk. We’ll just have to ask Durham
tomorrow before class.

I saw you and Jace going at it today during
lunch. 

haha yeah ;)

You guys are adorable!! So have you told
your mom yet?

nah she would FREAK. she thinks I
can’t handle life anyways.

Haha yeah

Thursday 9:53 PM

How did today go? Did you get everything
done? How about you and Dave’s homework?
yeah, it’s all good.

Even your Precalculus? Didn’t you say you had
a test tomorrow?

yeah. we’re fine mom.

I know. :) Will you remind Davey not to take
his skateboard to school? I don’t want him to
get hurt on those crazy ramps he loves,
especially not while I’m gone.

yeah, i’ll tell him.

Alright. Well goodnight sweetheart. I love
you very much. :)


Thursday 10:35 PM

hey I’m here
Thursday 11:27 PM

becky, where are you?


what’s wrong dave?

mom said you’re not supposed to leave
me alone.

are you hurt or something?

mom said you can only leave me alone
for school and work. she said if you’re
not doing what you said you would,
I should call her.

dave just go back to bed. do you really
want mom to have to come home early
again just because her 11 year old was
afraid of the dark?


Mom  Missed call
Thursday 11:50 PM

Thursday 11:51 PM

Becky, where are you? Dave says you’re not
home. What’s going on sweetheart? Are
you alright? Is something wrong?

You took your medication right?

i’m fine. i’m heading home now.

What’s going on? I thought you said you would
call if anything went wrong!

mom, seriously, everything’s fine. i’m not
manic. i’m home now. i’ll talk to you tomorrow

Ok. What time will you call me tomorrow?

Friday 12:21 AM

i can still taste you, you were so sweet
tonight. ;) let’s cut 3rd period tomorrow,
pick up where we left off when your mom

called. ;)

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