Thursday, June 15, 2017

Message: a serial short story in text messages (Part 1/3)

Some of you know I dabble in creative writing. I wrote this short story about a 17-year-old girl with bipolar disorder taking care of her little brother while her single mom is gone for the weekend. It's told entirely through text messages. I'll be posting it in three installments.


Thursday 9:21 AM

Hey sweetheart! How are you doing?
Did Davey get off to school ok? Did
you remember to take your

good. dave got to school on time. yeah.

Was that a yeah to you taking your

yeah i took them. have fun in dallas.

Thanks sweetie. ;) It’s been great so far.
Several people have told
me they’re really looking forward to
my presentation on Saturday. :)


I love you! :)

Thursday 11:13 AM

Hey where were you this morning? I
didn’t see you in the commons.

yeah, i was late. i had to drop off davey
at school

Oh that’s right! Your mom’s gone
starting today yeah?

yeah, and she won’t stop texting me!

UGH  Moms are the QUEENS of freaking

haha yeah no kidding

So are you gonna sit with us at lunch


Maybe-definitely or maybe-not because
you’ll be kissing Jace’s face? 
the 2nd one ;)


shut up!!

 fine. I’ll see you later.


Thursday 2:33 PM

hey babe, you wanna go to a movie tonight?
i srsly had the worst day.

can’t. i told you, my mom’s gone
and i have to bbsit dave.

you have to stay with him? isn’t
he 13 or something?

he’s 11

whatever. well, you put him to bed
and we can catch a late showing.

i can’t

is this like a bipolar thing or something?
you seemed fine at lunch.

eff off

sorry babe, it’s just hard with you,
you know. like, i never know what to

you think it’s not hard for me? i
live with this batshiz brain.

hey, don’t say that, i didn’t mean it. this
last month with you has been incredible.
and all I want to do tonight is to go to a
movie with my super sexy girlfriend because
i had the world’s crappiest day.

what time?

:) i’ll pick you up around 10:30.
i love you baby. <3

<3 you

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